Brooks Cambium C17 Great Value for Durable Saddle

The Brooks Cambium C17 line of saddles are made of organic cotton laid over vulcanized rubber for a durable, comfortable, and waterproof saddle.

The Brooks Cambium C17 line of touring and trekking saddles are sleek and flexible, built to be durable, maintenance-free, and waterproof. It’s a new look for the iconic saddle brand. Continue Reading →

Brooks C13: Brooks Style, Light Enough to Race

The Brooks Cambium C13: beautiful, durable Brooks performance on a saddle that's light enough to race.

When Brooks C13 carbon saddle was released last year for testing, it was a dramatic departure for the traditional leather saddle company.

While the vulcanized natural rubber compound coveris similar to other new saddles produced by Brooks (C15, C17), what’s new for the Cambium C13 is the one-piece braided carbon frame that supports the cover. Continue Reading →