Specialized Custom-Paints Bikes for World Champions; Road Shoes; Diverge

Specialized has been coming out with new products as well as celebrating two world championship titles with some custom-painted bicycles. Ben’s Cycle stocks Specialized bikes, helmets, shoes, apparel, and many Continue Reading →

Wheel Upgrade Best Improvement for Your Bike

We will also build custom wheels for a fraction of the cost of pre-builts. You choose hubs, rims, and spokes, and we’ll build them and ship them to you!

Ben’s Cycle has expert wheel-builders to create the exact kind of rim/ spoke/ hub combination you want. Climber? We can set up you with a lightweight stiff set of wheels. Sprinter? All-day cruiser? We can provide the combination you want.

Plus we don’t charge for actually building the wheels if you buy the rim, hub, and spokes from us! Continue Reading →