Specialized Adventure Bikes Take You Everywhere

Specialized adventure bikes, like the Diverge, Dolce Evo, and AWOL are designed to let you ride wherever you want: road, path, trail - or no road at all.

If you can have only one bike that you can use for everything from commuting to bike touring on gravel and dirt roads, you need one of several adventure bikes from Specialized, available from Ben’s Cycle in Milwaukee. Continue Reading →

Get on Cycleops Indoor Trainers for Warm-Ups, Workouts

Cycleops indoor trainers are perfect for warming up at races and doing great workouts at home!

Cycleops indoor trainers are perfect for warming up at races and doing great workouts at home! Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Native Rides Milwaukee Road in Oregon

The Milwaukee Road bike from Milwaukee Bicycle Co. easily adapts to the mixed-terrain and roads of northwestern Oregon.

(The Milwaukee Road) has been a joy over the last year or so. Extremely versatile. I have had it set up as: a winter bike, commuter, rough road bike, even explored some abandoned logging roads with it. It is by far the most comfortable road bike I have ever ridden. It’s true calling is as a ride-all-day-till-the-road-turns-to-gravel-and-keep-on-going bike. Continue Reading →

Specialized Allez is Built for Speed

Nowhere is the improvement in aluminum bicycles more apparent than in the Specialized Allez. The Allez keeps the same speed and stiffness from the past, but Specialized builds the frames in a way that makes them comfortable and still responsive. Continue Reading →

How Do I Choose the Right Nitto Track Handlebars?

Nitto track handlebars come in a variety of models. Call Ben's Cycle to help you choose.

Nitto track handlebars are used throughout the world on the track and on the road because of their durability and strength, style, and comfort.

But how do you know which ones to choose?

Ben’s Cycle stocks four different Nitto track handlebars with different variations. Continue Reading →

Brooks C13: Brooks Style, Light Enough to Race

The Brooks Cambium C13: beautiful, durable Brooks performance on a saddle that's light enough to race.

When Brooks C13 carbon saddle was released last year for testing, it was a dramatic departure for the traditional leather saddle company.

While the vulcanized natural rubber compound coveris similar to other new saddles produced by Brooks (C15, C17), what’s new for the Cambium C13 is the one-piece braided carbon frame that supports the cover. Continue Reading →

Choosing Nitto Track Handlebars: B125, B127, ADB-X

Nitto track handlebars from Ben's Cycle and benscycle.com

Nitto track handlebars come in many different varieties, including the B123, B125, B127, and ADB-X. Use the posts and table to figure out which one is best for you. Continue Reading →

Brooks Isle of Wight Saddle Bag: Practical, Classy, Functional

The Isle of Wight saddle bag is made from Bluesign material, an eco-friendly textile, as well as traditional Brooks leather straps. We liked the way the bag held its shape, due to a “u-stiffener.” Continue Reading →

Bicycling Journey Gives Author New Outlook on Happiness

The "Descent into Happiness" is the story of David Howell's bike tour from Seattle to Milwaukee.

Dave Howell set out to ride a bicycle solo from Seattle back to his home near Milwaukee to ponder some serious questions. And he wrote a book documenting the trip, Continue Reading →