2015 Holiday Bicycle Gift Guide from Ben’s Cycle


Ben’s Cycle Holiday Gift Guide Over the past three months, we’ve been sending out surveys to our loyal customers, asking them what would be the perfect holiday gift for the cyclists in their lives.

We compiled all of the thousands of responses into a list of 10 great ideas for each category.

When in doubt, a gift certificate or gift card to Ben’s Cycle is the perfect Plan B.


Gifts For Cyclists Who Have Everything

Some cyclists already have all the gear they really need. But “need” and “want” are two entirely different things. It’s like a person who already has a lot of shoes or a kid who has a lot of toys. It’s tough to find something new for the collection. SHOP GIFTS FOR CYCLISTS WHO HAVE EVERYTHING

2015 Bike and Cycling Gifts Your Family Can Easily Get You

Does your family just kind of look at you when you start talking about bikes? Leave the dinner table when you recount your last century? Don’t know the difference between a shifter and a derailleur?  It’s okay, they just don’t understand. Make holiday shopping for you easy on them and hand them this list. SHOP FOR GIFTS YOUR FAMILY ( MOTHER, FATHER, WIFE OR HUSBAND) CAN EASILY GET YOU )

2015 Cycling Gifts For Children

What’s the saying? If you teach kids to ride a bike, then help them love it, they’ll ride for a lifetime. Not the saying? It should be. Here are gifts to help the children in your life begin their love affair with bikes. Check out some of the best children’s Biking Gifts for 2015


2015 Best Gifts For Bike Commuters

You hearty band, you cyclists of rain, wind, snow, and sleet. You who ride your bicycles to work daily put on serious miles, and your equipment is always in need of maintenance, updates, and upgrades. Keep you and your bike safe, dry, and comfortable. All year. Every day. Shop for some of the best Gifts For Bike Commuters

Best Gifts for Cyclocross Racers 2015

Cross is a unique challenge, kind of like the people who race cross! But there are always gadgets, tools, bike parts, or something that will get just the right tire pressure or just the right tread. SHOP FOR SOME OF THE BEST CYCLOCROSS GIFTS FOR RACERS


2015 Best Gifts For New Cyclists

People who are new to cycling feel a little lost sometimes. There is so much they feel they MUST have to ride their bicycles. No, you don’t. Just go ride. Here are some basics to keep you going. After you’ve fallen in love, come back and we’ll talk about the rest. Shop for Some of 2015’s Best Gifts for New Cyclists



At the end of the day, only you know what you really need – or just want – for your cycling. Maybe you really really need (want) new wheels or a new computer. Maybe your partner just told you to get your own holiday gift. Maybe there’s something on this list that you’ve been waiting for. Now’s the time. Shop For Some of 2015’s Best Cycling Gifts to Buy Yourself



Wisconsin is like that undiscovered view you find when you turn the corner on a dirt road and suddenly the landscape opens up and you’re speechless. So much cycling happens here with incredible riding, great cycling companies, and a community of riders there to support each other. A gift from Wisconsin shows not only that you care, but that you have discovered the view and know enough to share it. Shop for Gifts from Milwaukee & Wisconsin Company’s

2015 Great Cycling and Biking Stocking Stuffers

Great cycling gifts can come in small packages. A multi-tool can be the perfect gift for the cyclist on your list. Or chamois butter. Or pedals. There are a lot of bike parts and accessories that can fit in a large sock. Just make sure the sock doesn’t get too heavy. SHOP FOR GREAT STOCKING STUFFERS



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