PRO Road Saddles Use a Million Measurements to Dial in Fit

After collecting over a million measurements from riders around the world, Shimano created PRO road saddles in a wide variety of different saddle options.

PRO offers the Turnix, Falcon, and Griffon in different sizes and with or without an anatomical cut-out. I’ve been using the Falcon on our cross bikes for the last year and a half, and they’re one of the best saddles I’ve ridden.

To help riders decide which saddle is mostly likely to fit, PRO has the Saddle Selector online here.

Your best bet, though, is to come into Ben’s Cycle to talk with Brett, our professional bike fitter. He’ll help you figure out which saddle is best for your body and riding style.

PRO Road Saddles Reviewed by CyclingTips

CyclingTips offered a review of the three PRO road saddles,

I’d characterize each of these saddles as quite firm with a minimum of padding, like many race-oriented saddles. The difference in shape was surprisingly subtle, and indeed, I found that the width had a far greater impact on the feel of each model.

The surface of the Griffon, Turnix and Falcon offered a nice blend of slip and grip for my riding shorts, so I never found myself sliding around yet I could make minor adjustments with relative ease. In short, PRO’s saddles do everything they are supposed to without any shortcomings.

CyclingTips reviewed PRO road saddles. We love our Falcon saddle for cyclocross. Photo from CyclingTips.

CyclingTips reviewed PRO road saddles. We love our Falcon saddle for cyclocross. Photo from CyclingTips.


CyclingWeekly Really Likes Falcon from PRO Road Saddles

CyclingWeekly reviewed the Falcon and said it was a very comfortable saddle that would be staying on the reviewer’s bike long after the testing was concluded!

We found this saddle to be very comfortable, even on rides of over five hours…With plenty of options, this is a great saddle that will be staying on our bike for the foreseeable future.

Cycling Weekly reviewed several Falcon PRO road saddles, saying they're comfortable after long rides. Photo from

Cycling Weekly reviewed several Falcon PRO road saddles, saying they’re comfortable after long rides. Photo from


Red Kite Prayer Blog Also Likes PRO Falcon Saddle

RKP said the Falcon was an undiscovered gem, buried among all the other Shimano products.

I’d gladly put the Falcon up against the Fi’zi:k Antares—it’s that good. I prefer it to a host of other saddles I’ve ridden this year.

It, like most of the PRO saddles, uses a carbon-reinforced base to keep weight down while still offering enough flex to be comfortable. The EVA foam is dense enough to give firm support without feeling like you’re sitting on the shell. And the way the rails are set into the shell, it offers some shock absorption over bigger bumps. My 142mm-wide saddle weighed in at 208 grams.

PRO Road Saddles Also Offer Women’s Model

Shimano also also offers PRO saddles in women’s versions, including the Falcon Lady Hollow Saddle, Falcon Lady, and Griffon Lady.

Here’s a link to PRO’s complete line of road saddles. All of these saddles are available at Ben’s Cycle by coming into the shop at 1013 W. Lincoln, calling us at 414.384.2236, or emailing us at


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