Chamois Cream Makes Your Ride Smooth

The use of chamois cream for cyclists is one of those sensitive topics. But we’ll just drive right in to provide a guide on the whys and hows.

Cyclists spread chamois (“shammy”) cream between their legs and private bits to lubricate those area while riding.

A lot of friction builds up between your shorts, skin, and the bike saddle, especially when you ride long distances.

The chamois cream in your bike shorts helps keep you comfortable on rides. Chamois cream or chamois butter reduces or eliminates the friction.

We liberally use the chamois product of choice any time we’re going out for a decent ride. If it’s a couple of blocks to the coffee shop, and we’re not using bike shorts, we don’t bother.

We hate saddle sores and hot spots that come after riding for long periods of time without soothing cream.

Most popular products also have anti-bacterial elements built in to prevent infections and saddle sores.

It’s also important to wash your shorts after every ride. Because it’s just nasty, okay?

Tips for Applying Chamois Cream

Typically, cyclists apply the cream directly on their skin since you can precisely get at the trouble spots on the crease between your legs and private parts and the private parts themselves.

Some cyclists apply cream to the chamois of their bike shorts. However, we find it’s more efficient to apply directly to our body.

Total Women’s Cycling offers some tips for women applying chamois cream here. The key is to make sure to liberally apply the cream but not to the more intimate female parts.

Cyclists, who tend to have little shame, will often apply cream once they put on their shorts, even at races or bike events in public. They pull the bib or short front forward while diving in and applying the cream. It can be a bit off-putting for anyone nearby!

Bicycling offers three tips when you’re applying chamois cream near the public view:

  1. Avoid eye contact while you’re lubing up. That’s just creepy.
  2. Clean your hands after application! Don’t wipe your hands on your shorts or legs and call it good. Consider your hands contaminated and needing cleaning.
  3. Don’t share tubs of cream. It’s likely the owner of the tub has double-dipped! Tubes, though, can be shared, although we’d rather go without.

Which Chamois Cream Should I Get?

We particularly like Enzo’s Buttonhole, available at Ben’s Cycle. It has a lovely cooling mix of melaleuca oil, hamamelis, the Wu-Chu-Yu herb and organic silicone compounds provide a smooth feel.

We particularly like Enzo's Buttonhole chamois cream.

We particularly like Enzo’s Buttonhole chamois cream.


One of the most popular brands is Chamois Buttr, which comes in three styles including a Euro-style blend that has menthol that creates a tingly feel! The regular and women’s blend are also very popular.

Chamois Buttr is one of the most popular chamois cream products. The line-up includes regular, women's, and a tingly Euro blend.

Chamois Buttr is one of the most popular chamois cream products. The line-up includes regular, women’s, and a tingly Euro blend.


Another popular brand of chamois cream is Assos Chamois Cream.

Call Ben’s Cycle at 414.384.2274 for more information on these or other chamois cream products we stock, including DZ Nuts and Hoo Ha cream. Or email us at





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