Cygolite Hotshot Rear Tail Light is Great Way to Stay Visible

One of the best ways to keep yourself visible on your bicycle is using a Cygolite Hotshot rear tail light.

The Cygolite Hotshot, made in the U.S. in California, regularly shows up at the top of best cycling tail light lists year after year.

The Cygolite Hotshot rear tail light consistently ranks at the top of the best cycling lights.

The Cygolite Hotshot rear tail light consistently ranks at the top of the best cycling lights.

Hotshots Have Bright Beans, Low-Charge Lights

Each of the Hotshots has a low-charge light so you know when to recharge the tail light.

The Hotshot Micro 30 has 30 lumens with five light modes that last about 2:30 hours.

The Hotshot Pro 80 has 80 lumens for serious illumination and six different flash modes that you can fine tune to your preferences.

The Hotshot Micro 2w (two watts of power), the SL 2w, and SL 30 (30 lumens of power) are all excellent models of the Hotshot.

Review: Hotshot is Bright Light in Murky Conditions said the Hotshot was a great light with enough brightness to light up murky conditions while not breaking the bank.

The Cygolite Hotshot SL is an impressive rear light with excellent brightness to keep you visible on murky days – Cygolite calls it ‘Daylight visible’ – and at night. Run time isn’t particularly long on full beam, but flashing modes increase battery life to get you out of trouble, and you can adjust them all with a customisation button.


Review: Hotshot was Best Tail Light Tested!

The Bike Lights Data Base said the original Cygolite was the best of the tail lights they tested and the light “continues to impress to this day.”

With a built-in USB rechargeable battery with over 4 hours of life on its brightest steady-burn setting, and over a 100 hours on flashing mode, the Hotshot will get you through any ride. On the highest setting it’s bright enough to be seen from a mile away, but the brightness and flash speed can be adjusted on the fly to fit the conditions for each ride.


No other light matches the build quality, battery life, output, and features of the Hotshot for this price. And, if you’re looking for something slightly less spendy, the newer Hotshot SL has all the same features for $10 cheaper MSRP. The SL doesn’t come with a stay mount and has 2 fewer flash patterns, but has identical battery life, brightness, and configurability.


Here is a comparison Bike Lights did of the different Hotshots:

Light Name Claimed Lumens Measured Lumens Claimed Battery Life Measured Battery Life Weight Flashing Mode Pulsing Mode MSRP
Hotshot SL 30 30 30 2h 00min 4h 30min 55 g yes no $30
Hotshot Micro 30 30 2h 30min 35 g yes yes $35
Hotshot Pro 80 50 2h 45min yes yes $50
Hotshot 50 30 4h 30min 55 g yes yes $40

The also considered the Hotshot the best available rear tail light!

We could see its 2-watt LED from half a block away, day or night, and it costs less than anything comparable, giving you the right amount of light at the right price.

Another reviewer, from candlepowerforums, said the Hotshot was his narrow-beam light of choice.

Attach the Hotshot to your bicycle rack so you can use the seatpost for a saddle bag.

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