What are the Most Secure Bike Locks?


A secure bike lock is a critical part of riding your bike when you stop for coffee, groceries, or a day of work.

As we’ve previously written, the quality of your bike lock is dependent on your need for security.

Minimal security requires just a cheap cable lock for use as a deterrent to crimes of opportunity.

Moderate security requires a u-lock secured to an immovable object.

Maximum security requires a u-lock or chain lock secured to an immovable object plus one or two cables for added protection.

Since inexpensive cable locks are roughly the same, we focused on u-locks and chain locks. We researched bike locks and found many different sites that had done a variety of testing.

Our Recommendations

Based on our own experience, our customers’ comments, and these sites, we recommend five different locks and series of locks:

The most important element is choosing the right lock for your security needs, then locking the bike correctly. See this post from LifeHacker.

The correct way to lock your bike with a u-lock around the frame, rear wheel, and an immovable object, as well as a cable lock securing the front wheel.

The correct way to lock your bike with a u-lock around the frame, rear wheel, and an immovable object, as well as a cable lock securing the front wheel. Image from http://lifehacker.com/5942301/the-proper-way-to-lock-your-bicycle.

Caution: Even U-Locks Can Be Trashed

CityLab says thieves will target bike locks, even u-locks, that are set up improperly and will take a short amount of time – less than two minutes – to break.

CityLab talked with a police officer who recommended the Kryptonite Evolution Mini 5 because it fit snugly against the frame and did not give thieves room to use a lever to break it. They also recommended using several cable locks with the Mini as well as replacing the quick release levers with nuts.

Bike Thieves Say Proper Locking Technique is Key

This┬ápiece from the Sweet Home is probably the most thorough and comprehensive post we’ve seen on bike locks. The post details how bike locks have been tested, their recommendations, and, most interesting, conversations with several bike thieves about their craft.

Their recommendation was the Kryptonite Series 2, the New York, and the Evolution Mini 5 as well as the Abus Granit X-Plus.

Chain Locks are Also Secure Bike Locks

HiConsumption lists its favorite locks as well, including the Kryptonite New York Legend Chain and OnGuard Beast. While chains are usually very heavy, it’s tough to get an angle grinder or bolt cutters through the links.

Momentum Magazine also recommended the Abus Granit X-Plus City Chain.

Several of these reviews, including road.cc’s collection of several different locks, mention other brands of locks. We only recommended the locks we’ve used or heard about from customers.

Ben’s Cycle stocks a variety of bike locks for every security level.

Stolen Bike Registries

If you happen to get your bike stolen, here are links:

National Bike Registry

Wisconsin Bike Fed Registry







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