Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo Upgrade, Improve, and Trickle Down for Road Groupsets in 2016

While the shape and purpose of drivetrains and cycling groupsets haven’t changed much in 100 years, the quality, efficiency, and functionality has improved a great deal.

And when one of the major manufacturers creates a new top-of-the-line cycling groupset, the technology eventually trickles down to the less expensive groups.

A Tiagra groupset today would be lighter with crisper shifting than 2000-era Dura Ace components, for example, because of the trickle down technology.

A cycling groupset consists of the shifters, crank, cassette, chain, derailleurs, and brakes.

The British site has done a review of the 2016 offerings from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo, the three major bike part manufacturers. Many other part makers are making inroads into the market as well.

We’re bringing you this as a way to help you understand how the different groups from different companies are, well, different.

The biggest differences between the top and lower-end groupsets is that the top of the line groupset is lighter, more durable, and has more precise shifting and braking. The top groups also usually have more gears.

The biggest difference between SRAM and Shimano and Campagnolo is the shifting technology:

  • Shimano uses the brake lever to shift up and the shift lever to shift down.
  • SRAM uses a double-click technology where you push the shift lever a little to shift down, and push it further to shift up.
  • Campagnolo uses a thumb button to shift down and a shift lever to shift up.

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Top Cycling Groupsets

Quality and cost of the top cycling groupsets from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo.

Shimano Cycling Groupset

Japanese manufacturer Shimano, the top producer of bicycle drivetrains and groups, continues to improve its product line for 2016.

The post also gives you a sense of what makes Shimano groupsets different in weight, efficiency, and price. It also discusses the different road disc brake options.

Top of the line Shimano Dura Ace cycling groupset

Full Dura Ace cycling groupset

“If you want high performance without the hefty price tag of Dura-Ace, then Ultegra is probably the pick of the range. Since the 6800 update, the gap between the two has been narrowed, and it shouldn’t be overlooked too quickly if you want high performance and decent weight components. It’s a favourite with amateur racers because the weight penalty is minimal, especially if built onto a decent carbon fibre frame, and the performance is nearly identical.”

Here again is the link to the full article.

SRAM Cycling Groupset

SRAM is an American company based out of Chicago, and a relatively new player in the drivetrain market. But what they’ve missed in history, they’ve more than made up for in innovation and quality. SRAM built road components after dominating the mountain bike side of the market for many years.

SRAM‘s two big innovations of the year are the 1x road groups and the new wireless shifting system, the first of its kind.

Full wireless electronic cycling groupset from SRAM Red


“We’d say that Force is pretty much a direct competitor to Shimano’s Ultegra groupset, and like Ultegra it’s an excellent system. It’s lighter than Ultegra 6800 and the real-world cost is higher. Even so, SRAM’s second-tier groupset is a great choice for the privateer racer, or anyone building or buying a lightweight bike for fast riding.”

Campagnolo Cycling Groupset

Italian-made Campy is the grand old lady of component groups.The company has been around since 1933, catering to mostly mid- to high-end component users.
But Shimano took a big bite of its market share in the 1980s and 90s, while SRAM took another bite in the 2000s.
Campagnolo has three different electronic groups with the Super Record, Record, and Chorus.
Campagnolo Super Record EPS electronic cycling groupset, one of the best bicycle products made.

“Chorus EPS operates in the same way as Super Record EPS and Record EPS, and Campagnolo says that the shifting performance is identical.
“Its extremely powerful motors are capable of producing levels of torque without rival in electronic shifting which guarantee precise and effective shifting no matter the conditions or circumstances,” says Campagnolo.”



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