Milwaukee Bicycle Company Bike Profile: The Beltline, an Oil and Maintenance-Free Commute

In 2013, the Milwaukee Bicycle Company released the Beltline, a carbon belt-drive bike designed for commuter and touring use.


The Milwaukee Bicycle Company Beltline, carbon belt-driven for a grease and maintenance-free commute.


And the Beltline has been a big hit with our customers.


The Beltline is named for its grease and oil-free carbon belt drive from Gates. The belt stays in place, is virtually indestructible, and does not stain your pants with chain oil!


We wanted a “Super Commuter” that could be used in all sorts of weather by people commuting to their jobs or school who didn’t want the hassle of chain oil, rusty chains, or derailleurs.

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The Beltline has classic good looks, comfortable geometry, and is built from OX Platinum tubing in Wisconsin.


The Beltline comes with a Gates carbon belt drive, an internal eight-speed Shimano Alfine rear hub, a Shimano dynamo front hub that powers a Busch and Muller front headlight, and a Shimano Pro Koryak cockpit.


Dynamo front hub powered front headlight, Koryak stem, bar, seatpost.


And the frame is built with OX Platinum tubing in Waterford, WI by Waterford Precision Cycles.


The Gates carbon drive is a carbon belt, instead of a steel belt, which needs no lubrication or maintenance. The belt is connected to the eight-speed Shimano Alfine hub.


While we designed the frame as a commuter, several customers have been using the Beltline as a touring bike or a day-long trip bike. During prototype testing, we rode the bike in snow, ice, through rain storms, and on four-hour day trips. The bike was amazing in all conditions.

The frame has 60cm of tire clearance in the front and 50cm in the rear, allowing riders to put thicker tires in the front to guide through rough conditions.

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While the Beltline was built by Milwaukee Bicycle Company for commuting to work or school, it can easily handle long trips, tours, and day-long adventures in a variety of conditions.


There are fender and racks mounts as well on the bike.

A complete Beltline retails for 2,400.-, far less than you’d expect for a high-quality steel frame and a belt-drive system.


The front headlight and iconic Milwaukee head tube badge.


Avid BB7 disc brakes stop the bike in all weather conditions. The Alfine Dynamo front hub powers a front headlight.


Gates carbon belt connects to Shimano Alfine internal eight-speed hub and Avid BB7 disc brakes. You can also see the mounts for fenders and racks.


Pro Bike Gear Koryak stem, seatpost, handlebars

Pro Condor saddle

Shimano Alfine front dynamo and rear eight-speed internal hub

Gates carbon belt drive, 165mm crank, center track sprockets

Avid BB7 brakes 160mm front rotor, 140mm rear rotor

Alex R450 rims, Panaracer RiBMo 32mm tires

Busch and Muller Avy plus N front headlight.



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